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Enough to make you sick?

Enough to make you sick?

So a couple goes to a wedding, a lovely wedding of people they love and have fun with. Trouble is, they get to stay in a perfect home for one night before the wedding. Everything in its place. Beautiful accessories. Sensible furnishings. Gorgeous gardens. UGH! Hard to see it for the mental images of what their home looks like back in Virginia. So upon their return (liking this third person effect–who are these people?!!), they decide in a depressed and bitter and hopeless way to devote all of their meager energy to making the tiniest room of their house if not perfect, than at least better than it was. How handy it was hideous. No, that black, red and silver awesome wallpaper was a vestige of previous owners. It had something striped over it when our heroes bought the house 16 years ago. It came off easily years ago, but the fish were not so easily caught. A misguided attempt at sponge painting over the old wallpaper didn’t get far 15 years ago. So another batch of leafy wallpaper covered the fish lo these many years.

Time-lapse wallpaper--it looked like this for only 12 seconds, tops.

I could show you a photo of a much-improved bathroom, but it’s boring. Sandstone Cove walls with normal accessories and a window shade that doesn’t let people in the living room take a peek at who’s in the bathroom through a small window. How dull is that?