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Cape May

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Our bookshelves, ourselves

Why did Rogers & Hammerstein title their song My Favorite Things? So very vague, gentlemen. 

Wisteria wafting through the air is on my list. At Orchids Galore the other day (highly recommended) at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens I was happy to sniff orchids in public though with so many in one place, it was hard to note distinct scents without causing a scene.

Just when I thought I didn’t want to engage my brain beyond gazing raptly at stunning and bizarro orchids and inhaling their aromas, I read this bit about vanilla. How have I lived this long and not known this?

Apparently vanilla has uses other than perfecting brownie recipes.

No wonder chocolate chip cookies with extra vanilla have a calming effect on me. But I must say, vanilla is not the most pleasing of scents. Oh no, to me, almond extract takes the cake, so to speak. Sniffing the stuff makes me swoon. I’m doing it right now. Instant, mind-blowing effect.  Immediately a woozy smile ensues. I’m in mid-swoon, so it’s hard to be sensible. Not sure why people bothered with snuff. I’ll take almond extract any day. When not available in a bottle, a few almond meringue cookies from Westhampton Pastry Shop on Patterson Ave. will work in a pinch, too.

Almond extract in bottles and meringues in white boxes….  Feel free to finish the verse.