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I reworked an earlier piece for the new #KidLitVibes contest run by a very engaged and generous PB critique group. I spun the wheel and got lucky, literally, as my word. I wasn’t going to enter as nothing had occurred to me, until I went for an evening stroll and remembered something I’d written for another contest that with a little luck, might fill the bill, so to speak. Plus you (and I) can knit these adorable duck feet for a cute somebody even if you don’t want to read one more word!

knit orange duck feet

Photo: CuriousJeny Flickr


by Maureen Egan
If I dawdle and waddle
and pose like a model,
I’ll snatch your stale bread,
but I’m not so ill-bred.
Rather, I contain a multitude
of prime poultry pulchritude.
Watch me take flight!
Sure, wings are a sight
but my feet are my pride–
webbed and wide, slip and slide
If you like unexpected grace
beneath a comical face,
you’re in luck!
Also, DUCK!
Coming in for a landing,
right where you’re standing.
I’m happy-go-lucky—
you’re quite a bit mucky.
My knack deserves a plaque–
and orange is the new black.