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Cape May

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Our bookshelves, ourselves

I think I’ll cheat a little and do the expected Father’s Day thing here though since the day is almost over, that’s a nice twist. Just snuck it in. Reminds me of my father saying when I’d call in the evening on his birthday or Father’s Day, “Ok, now I can check you off the list.”

Perhaps a Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious Ride....

It’s also the 57th anniversary of the day my parents were married which is hard to contemplate though let’s be clear I wasn’t born the same decade they were married.

So a tip of the hat to my father, who didn’t have a father even in name only, in a piece I wrote a month after he died suddenly.  I remember distinctly that my pal and editor Susan emailed me wondering where my column for the next issue of RHOME was, 10 days after it should have been turned in. I had completely forgotten. Only time in my life that I blew past a deadline. The shot of adrenaline from being so shocked that I was that out of sorts that I’d missed it and didn’t even know I had missed it made me crank  That One Thing out just in time.

I painted the trim of a couple of windows in my house today. Seems about right.