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So Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlyn Sanchez are at it again with their Fall Writing Frenzy contest for children’s writers. Pick a photo from their stash and get inspired to write something somehow related that’s under 200 words. The above is not that photo, but thanks to my talented daughter, the hand letterer  known as Pencraft + Post, I got an idea from her big, bespoke balloons that was related enough to the prompt photo below. Thanks to Lydia and Kaitlyn for all the organizing, to Ameerah Holliday for judging, all the donors who offer generous prizes and all the writers who got their Halloween on early! Warning: I am fond of iambs.
pumpkin at mailbox

#7 Halloween- Credit: Danielle Rae

         SSSSSSsssurprise!?                                       110 words/poetry
            Maureen Egan

I brought you something round

and set it by your door.

It’s orange and black

and might attack—

but won’t leave any gore.

I dropped off something round

Twas such a pleasant chore.

A floating ghost

won’t harm the host.

Don’t crouch behind your door!

I looked a bit around–

it’s still outside your door.

No gangly gourd

should be ignored—

ensure it doesn’t soar.

I can’t believe I found

such drama by your door.

Now I’m afraid–

you wield a blade!

Don’t freak! It’s just décor.

Or was








a big balloon

once full of air

now carved

and starved