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Lots o' spindles

It must have been exhaustion from hurricane preparation overload, but as I was driving home along I-95 last evening I starting tearing up over spindles. Our house used to have at least 8 different kinds of spindles on the porches with several styles of railing to boot. During some major overhaul of the house, my father had all the spindles made the same. I was not a fan–still am not–partly because they aren’t particularly pretty and partly because their grooves trap grit and mildew and are a pain in the ass to paint.

That does not mean, however, that I hope Hurricane Irene wallops the porches and sends the railings packing. Certainly other storms did just that decades ago, which explains the earlier variations. Time will tell. I just hope the one railing section with my favorite spindle style that we have survives. I should have shoved it in my car…rather than chaining it to the front porch. Damn.