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Cape May

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Our bookshelves, ourselves

Book shelf full of children's books.

A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t get to sleep, so I counted bookshelves instead of sheep (shout out to Kate Wolf’s line, “Countin’ troubles, ‘stead of countin’ sheep.”)bookshelf I have no idea what number I came up with, but it was in the teens. Just now walking through the house, I count fifteen. We’ll see if I can count over the next several months. Here on my updated website, it feels right and proper to re-christen my mostly moribund blog with a new theme and purpose: Our bookshelves, ourselves. Sounds better than ‘My book piles, my messy styles.’

book shelf full of books

My bookshelves are mostly full of books, many of which I’ve actually read, so I have plenty to write about. And then there are other people’s bookshelves. Beware! And piles of books strewn about. This might be the blog that never ends. Each month I’ll pick a bookshelf and see what inspiration I can squeeze from it and present it in a non-smoothie, yet digestible form right here. Cheers!pile of children's books