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Cape May

Nothing Ever Happens On My Blog

Our bookshelves, ourselves

Virginia Woolf said “I have three entire days alone – three pure and rounded pearls.” I could say I have three 1/2 days sort of alone-but I shopped some with my son to no good effect, have gone to meetings, eaten dinner out with friends twice, gone to the ballet, run alone, walked with a friend, tweeted, made lots of business calls, haven’t showered today, and need to clean this messy house. Hmmm. Needs a little wordsmithing to be quotable….

I did write a chapter of my Honors Thesis in college on To the Lighthouse, one of my favorite reads ever, but it’s a bit of a stretch for me to say that my use of the three days is exactly what Woolf’s subtext is saying. I have read some for fun. The flaw in this timing is that I haven’t eaten any ice cream alone. I have 3 entire hours to myself…3 pure and rounded scoops of Ben & Jerry’s.